About Me

Cody, Ashley, Afton and Maeryn Lloyd


I grew up working for my dad in his landscaping and property maintenance company; I was five years old when I worked my first full day. It was excellence and polish that set my dad's business apart from his competition. Though I have decided to pursue a different career path than my dad, the importance of quality and hard work have stuck with me and continue to be important to me in all of my professional pursuits.

I am currently working full time as a front-end web developer for Adobe Systems, a "dream job" that I enjoy immensely.


I was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley and I've had a love of anything computer or visual arts related for as long as I can remember.

I'm a happy husband and father of 3 adorable little girls. Twins - Afton and Maeryn, and Eliza. They can be a handful, but I love them to pieces